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Slaves... you have just arrived at Ludus Magnus,
the finest gladiatorial training school in all of Rome.
And when you die, and die you shall, I will teach you to die gracefully,
with honor and to the roar of the crowd.
Now each and every one of you must recite the "Sacramentum Gladiatorum"
and receive the mark of the brotherhood,
I swear, to be burned by fire, bound in chains, to be beaten,
and to be killed by the sword in the pursuit of honor in the arena.
They are Gladiators, they live deep in the bowels of the Roman Colosseum.
Their barracks are just outside the rusted gates of their future afterlife.
A world where men are trained to kill, blood their ambrosia, the arena their mountaintop.
Sacred Ground, watered with the tears of blood, their blood, their tears.

Ludus Magnus - Forged into gods - Instill the will to kill
Gladiatorial Combat - The Sport of Rome - Blood spills with skills that thrill
Their gods have betrayed them!
Now they're forced to slay men!
Ludus Magnus - Forged into gods - Instill the will to kill.
Gladiatorial Combat!! They will die...


Battles to the death demonstrate the violent soul of the Roman Empire
Thousands upon thousands flock to the arenas to watch these professional fighting machines
Warriors trained for the amusement of the ancient world's greatest power
Their new masters, notorious for their cruelty, betting to see who will die first

They enter the arena through catacombs which leads them to the Gate of Life
In defeat, two fingers mark the symbol of surrender to the editor of the games
Thumbs down! They must kneel, offering themselves to cold blooded murder
The victor plunges his gladius through the neck and down into their heart
Their corpses dragged by hooks in their heels, through the Gate of Death
Body parts fed to wild beasts to get them used to the taste of human flesh

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Ludus magnus lyrics

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