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Ridin' high
Seein' far beyond this time
Speed demon rollin'.. to the tune of ninety-five
Through another mountain ...barracuda on my side
I heard this story told
'Bout a half a million time

Eight feet wide
Burnin' a path half it's size
Gone without a trace
Surveying all mankind
Full-speed ahead
I Hear it start to grind
Never heard a sound
Like it in my life

Im movin' in a freak show [Or... 'Im living in a freak show']
I sink down low
Got a rail ridin'
Im King of the road!!!

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Seahag lyrics

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check here the lyrics for Seahag, the 10th song of the 12 recorded for the album In Search Of..., with a total running time of , by Fu Manchu. It was released on via , and produced by .