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Hateful as it may be percieved, 'Litany' can be different things for
different people.
Choose your own enemy and conquer your hatred. Love is the Law, Love under

Fury, hatred, bondage, pain
Anger, blindness, boredom, strain
Slavery, loathing, frenzy, tension
Phobias, fierceness, madness, grudge
Distress, pressure, burden, acid
Disgust, rage, malice, spite
Grossness, rancor, venom, grief
Panic, terror, violence, death

This is what you mean to me

Murder, shash, burn, destroy
Tear, erase, slaughter, scar
Drown, garrote, strangle, slay
Hang, bury, torture, finish
Deafen, blister, mire, flay
Repel, poison, corrupt, damn
Sacrifice, wipe, ravage, singe
Crush, forget, harm, impale

This is what I'll do to you

Cruel, false, mindless, plain
Evil, brutish, perverse, sly
Forceful, stupid, shallow, mute
Cowardly, jealous, gloomy, rank
Tainted, cheap, thoughtless, sick
Vindictive, savage, rotten, gross
Dreadful, useless, envious, dumb
Sleazy, lowly, mocking, sham

This is what you'll always be
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Litany lyrics

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4. Litany
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11. The Final Massacre
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