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[Lead: ATF Sinner]

As I hold the blade - A sign of a perfect end
You have spoken your last words - Your final lies!
Stuck in this nightmare called life, I summon thee
The virus I feed - My sweetest destiny

Have faith in poison! Inject venom in my veins!
As I fuse with the roots of chaos the equilibrium springs in me again

Further down the spiral I go
Baptized in blood I become divine

Take and eat you all of this for this is my blood
Void - This fleshly void, this Serpentine anti-sphere
My messianic Hate - The only purpose
Death supreme - Destroyer of the right and wrong

Baptizes in fire and void shed your carnal shell
Look me in the eyes and drown, I am your final hour.

Baptized in blood I become divine

[Lead: Destroyer]

Behold! The Morbid Saints' last parade
Cascades of ash and swift decay
Screaming whispers of a Funeral Dawn
Rip this fucking world apart
For HATE is the highest law!

[Lead: ATF Sinner]

In this ocean of black lava
I die a sacred death, death supreme
Everything is here, every particle
Chaos Equilibrium.
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Hate is the law lyrics

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