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I would hang my head for what you've done
I think I've got a problem but I'm not the only one.

This is the
Last time I
Will answer to these questions

Unloved? and
Not even friendship after all.

And this is what I've carried, alone, inside.
And I could barely get by, day by day I'd get by living as though I'm fine.

Your loved the feeling deep inside you, I lost that feeling long ago, though time is healing I still look back, at all times it showed.

Because it's what I want
Give back
All the times that I loved

You'd have thought I would leave it there
Now I'm well and better off
But I can't not say that every time that you said it
I trusted in you
Where did those feelings go for me?

I don't even want to remember loving you
I don't even want to

And I won't run, or hide, or kneel this time
Don't run, don't hide, don't kneel this time

It's old thinking, down the hole, rectify, safe in your inaction.

I can't see it
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Million dollar question lyrics

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