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No more promises that no one could keep
No more lies to keep us from sleep
No more phone calls

It's today, the vows are broken
It's today, charade is over
It's today, the curtain's coming down

Now the battle lines are chosen
It's today, my eyes are open
It's today, the time to turn around

No more knowing glances or places we can hide
No more chances to keep this thing alive

The two of us together, it wasn't in the grand scheme
All it was was a fairy tale and devotion to a dream

No more promises, no more keeping score
No more wondering what I stayed here for

We broke the awkward silence with polite but practiced lies
While images occupied our minds
I never meant for voyage that stranded us upstream
All it was was a fairy tale and devotion to a dream
Devotion to a dream

Yesterday my path was chosen
Yesterday my smile was frozen
Yesterday my doors were closing down

Tomorrow I can cross the border
It's today, the new world order
Yesterday my will was broken down

I don't know where this is leading
Tomorrow's glaciers are receding
___ things have broken side ???

All compete for some spoken ??
For now I see that webs were woven
Now I keep the windows open wide

It's today, it's today
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Snow lyrics

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check here the lyrics for Snow, the 7th song of the 13 recorded for the album Wingsuit, with a total running time of , by Phish. It was released on via , and produced by .