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Feasts on the flesh of innocents killed
A sacrifice to our Lord
A sign from below to slaughter and kill
All in the name of hell
A circle of fury that starts in hell
And ends with the race of man
Our blood seeps deep into the soils of Earth
Freeding the evil within
Religious fool, cry to your saviour
Bargain with Your sins
The efforts of God proven useless
Immolation now begins...

Disemboweled... desecrate
Death divine... morbid fate
Creeping pestilence... spreads with hate

Horrid cries of agony and pain
Butchered beyond reason
Our corpses are left in heaps of blood
Piled up to the heavens
Impotent redeemer falls from heathen`s grace
An idol no more
King of hell reclaims His throne
Barbaric in his bliss
Holy priest, hold high Your cross
Our fate You try to save
Pawns of death rejoice in glory
Lead us to our graves...

Dogma crumbles... carnage is cast
Miasery plague... forgotten our past
Wrath of hell... forever will last

Heaven defied
Christ denied
Evil disire
We`ll burn in fire
Die in pentagram, where You`ll be slaughtered
Immolate Your soul, in the name of...
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Immolation lyrics

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