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Fire eye flashin' bright
Come again into my dream tonight
Don't fade away when the mornin' comes
Fadin' in the sun
Nada one, nada one

Moonshone silver in your eye
Shown on my midnight blues from the sky
Paint the night with love till the burnin' sun
See the colors run
Nada one, nada one

Mornin' come down on me
Wanderin' through the endless street
Nobody seein' where I've been
Nobody feels what I've done
Nada one, nada one

Look inside I find
Your song flows around my mind
You are as real as I feel
You are the moon in my sun
Nada one, nada one
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Nada One lyrics

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check here the lyrics for Nada One, the 7th song of the 8 recorded for the album Dog & Butterfly, with a total running time of , by Heart. It was released on via , and produced by .