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What we need is to see
the refraction of history
Through a lens free of abject
denial and the presence of fantasy
Men of science who put us to sleep
standing post at the secrets that they keep
We've gone too far to turn back now
and the question becomes how

When everything we've learned is wrong

Lest we forget all we've lost
have we wasted our best years
For the sanctified traditions that we pray
Lest we forget honestly
does it make you sick inside
That we approximate democracy that way

Break the will of the young
through restraint of the pen and tongue
Bringing doctrine inside of our schools
prospectus as curriculum
Now the system is running on fumes
there's an outcome that we can't assume
Tear dissent and our choices away
to recreate the American way

Where everything we learn is wrong

With empires built on fantasies
through patriotic reveries
Can the sacrifice be absolute
when the opposite is true
And now we see the world through blinkered eyes
With beautiful for spacious skies
And the animus we realize is finally dawning on you
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Running on fumes lyrics

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