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I can feel my bones decay
I haven't got a thing to say
I never thought I could end up this way
maybe I should have known
but now my cover's blown
I've been up for hours but my feet never touched the floor

I can't pretend that I'm as funny as all you're friends
so I'll keep this lampshade on my skull for one more night

I've got a project car
I've got a VCR
I've got a hundred friends but I don't know where they are
my life's a fantasy
I'm just a wanna be
another throw away contemporary enemy

did you want me to be the life of the party
I've made some mistakes so stop kicking yourself
because I blame me
it's still the same
nothing's changed
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Lampshade lyrics

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check here the lyrics for Lampshade, the 14th song of the 15 recorded for the album A Comprehensive Guide To Moderne Rebellion, with a total running time of , by Good Riddance. It was released on via , and produced by .