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Free me, free yourself
A life of sacrifice controlled me
But those promises I made
No longer hold me
Mercurial more wayward by the hour
The shackles fall away I'm in your power
Free me, and free yourself
Come to me and let me lead you
I beg you, I beseech you to let go
My heaven is yours
And heaven is all I know
## We are mortal in the hands of Gods
Who roll the dice
Searching for an earthly paradise
So hard to find. We are mortal
Victims of our weakness and passion
We are reaching for the heights
I'm falling
I am falling from the heights
But I promised I would serve
I should be a rock
Against depravity and sin
Oh no sin no sin
Free yourself, let your life begin Oh
To yourself be true. I am a man of God
I should not be there with you
Free me, we are mortal ah
Come a little closer to the fire
To love and live that one desire
Denial of thet love is treason
The love that we make
The force of our lives and it's reason
Repeat ##
I am falling,
I am falling we, we are mortal
Why do I believe in you
You're destroying my world
Hold nothing back
Give me all there is. I want it all
This is all there is
Prisoners of each others love
Prisoners of each others love
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The Fallen Priest lyrics

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check here the lyrics for The Fallen Priest, the 3th song of the 7 recorded for the album Barcelona, with a total running time of , by Freddie Mercury. It was released on via , and produced by .