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I can't look at the goddamned screen,
Too many losers show no self-esteem
Do me a favor don't abuse my eyes,
You're telling lies - you're low!

Tell them things they don't need to know
A star for one day forgotten tomorrow
Trying to get more self convidence
Denude your soul - your low!

Down - down - down
Down with your pants
Down - down - down
Embarrassing self-defense

What a fuckin' evolution
- visual prostitution
Shame on our constitution
- visual prostitution

Stupid people telling lies - visual prostitution
Ugly faces - thousand cries - visual prostitution
Stories we don't need to hear - visual prostitution
Stuck this shit right up your rear - visual ...

I can't stand your stupid ugly face,
I hate the sound of your weak voice,
Do use a favor cause you've got no pride
Down with your pants - you're low!
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Visual Prostitution lyrics

All Hell Breaks Loose album songs

released 2000 via
1. The Final Curtain
2. Machinery Of Lies
3. Tears Of Blood
4. Devastation Of Your Soul
5. The Butcher Strikes Back
6. World Domination Of Pain
7. X-treme Measures
8. All Hell Breaks Loose
9. Total Desaster 2000
10. Visual Prostitution
11. Kingdom Of Damnation
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check here the lyrics for Visual Prostitution, the 10th song of the 11 recorded for the album All Hell Breaks Loose, with a total running time of , by Destruction. It was released on via , and produced by .