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I got a couple of bags on my back
My hair tied up, I'm starting to crack my head
against the wall and floor
The blood keeps coming and I just can't take anymore
I just can't take anymore
I'm just waiting for a change in your barriers
'Cause in my heart I hesitate with what I'm thinking of
I've been swimming for a hundred miles
My arms' getting sore but I'm not turning back
until I'm faster than a whale or a shark
Trust me now brother time to win a new shark attack
Win another shark attack
'Cause nobody loves a spaceman
And nobody loves their friends
You look at me like I'm crazy
but you'll get what you deserve
When suddenly the world stops
And you think I'm not around
Look down baby, I'm probably in your pocket now
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Pocket lyrics

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check here the lyrics for Pocket, the 15th song of the 20 recorded for the album Opposites, with a total running time of , by Biffy Clyro. It was released on via , and produced by .