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Thus shone internal light, severe as the sun
Born from wombs of a deadened horizon

Within where worlds reside
Born galaxies
A universe inside every mind

Behold dead stars ignite, for death...there is none
Now gone, off to a different horizon

Deep inside every mind a universe resides
Where entire planets lie, inner stars ignite

This is a dream and yet it's not
Within the astronomicon
Each seed is sown in everyone
To fall or to rise

Become dreams set in flight, forever transform
To most, change is a fearsome liaison

One universe outside and one within
Which sends the mind to flight?
Set souls alight?

Avoid inner insight and slowly become
A drone caught on the event horizon

The black holes open wide in the resistant mind
Devouring each sign of emerging light


And though we know new things will empower the old
All will be gone, each and every deed undone

[Lead: Nilsson]
[Lead: Kjellgren]

And as we go, move towards the towers unknown
Seeds have been sown and within the dream has grown
Know that we own minds that could devour the sun
And what we've done will remain although it's gone

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Astronomicon lyrics

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check here the lyrics for Astronomicon, the 6th song of the 9 recorded for the album The Unseen Empire, with a total running time of , by Scar Symmetry. It was released on via , and produced by .