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We can?t find ourselves
Mistakes have had their way with me
Lost in the darkest places to be
If you hear my name stay close to all you claim
Deep in the river of bones
All alone I cast my stones
Even if the devil made amends with me
I?d certainly decline to be a friend of enemies
From my yesterdays
Indeed I needed to bleed
Distaste grows comfortably in me
Losing the truth navigating the seas
If you lose your way
Never look back and storm hells gate
Reclaiming the death of m
Deny my flesh, deny my blood
Conflicted reality, I will transcend, I will become one
Deny my flesh, deny my blood, only my heart is real
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Silencer lyrics

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check here the lyrics for Silencer, the 8th song of the 12 recorded for the album Time & trauma, with a total running time of , by 36 Crazyfists. It was released on via , and produced by .