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Delivering the noise to keep
My head red hot
Riding in the long run
I get the energy
Tonight let's go I'm here
To feel my suicide
We turn it on
And you'll be going crazy
The electricity is in the air to shock
Breaking into shivers
If you want disorder
They're many maniacs here
The shit is just beggining
It will be long before
We see posers again
I'm gonna tear some wimp
Rockers limb from limb
Running the speed in blood
Blowing my ears with noise
In this place everybody becomes mummified
I don't know why but it's sure
We're the violators
Anyway I shall go wether fate leads me
In some place they looked at
Us in wide mouthed
Maybe because we are heavier
Than all destructors
It's a lot of fuss and you don't have a choice
Bite kill rush skulk and there's
No chance to save your cracked brain
Burn slam shout scream the end is
Always near I want to drop my pill
Ah!Ah!The riff came full putch at my head
Do you like it ??
You've got a brain damage
It's the ripping headaches
I'm still smashing and
My body is doing bad
We don't care and you know
All the world must die ! Aah!

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Ripping Headaches lyrics

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check here the lyrics for Ripping Headaches, the 4th song of the 9 recorded for the album Rrroooaaarrr!, with a total running time of , by Voivod. It was released on via , and produced by .