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Odessa Texas 1948
Destined for greatness, and he couldn't wait
As for motive, that's up for debate
Lone Star, yeah... he's packin the heat
Rubbin elbows with the social elite
Who took notice of a world at his feet
The big drill, and the CIA
Richard Nixon paved the way for this god to have his day VP under Bonzo Reagan
Then Pres, of this once great nation
91', his first invasion
Oh... the good ol' days I miss
Now get me out of this, this hierarchal abyss
Kissin' Middle Eastern ass
While pride, black gold, and gas
Just a profiteer on your foreign soil
Operation Blood for Oil
Passed the buck to his number one
Now we're fucked by the bastard son
Can't hide, so we better run
Three cheers for the underachiever
Once a drunk, and now a believer
All hail The Great Deceiver
First term saw mass corruption
2 wars to boost production
All done for your protection
C'est La Vie to French relations and to NATO's limitations that prevent occupations
Oh... bleed me til' I'm bled
Voices never heard, blues are getting' red
Kissin' Middle Eastern ass
Skull bones, black gold, and gas
He an irritation and a fucking boil
Operation Blood for Oil

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Operation Blood For Oil lyrics

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check here the lyrics for Operation Blood For Oil, the 6th song of the 10 recorded for the album Prophets Of Doom, with a total running time of , by Pro-Pain. It was released on via , and produced by .