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Yeah, what the fuck! I'm thinking of moving overseas
The heart of this country has fallen apart and the people,
they grovel on their knees I vote and I vote and I vote,
but no results tell me what the hell is going on
I-ll get on a boat pack a lunch and grab a six
and set the cruise control for Hong Kong

We want the best, we get the worst
We won the west under the big wide blue sky
Forget the past, the duke is dead We're fading fast,
So let sleeping dogs lie

I'm sick of the sounds and sights and bright lights
as the dixie band starts to play There's lots of paper hats,
and flags wave But to me it's just another day
I try and I try and I try to take a stand
But it gets thrown back in my face
Majority rules! Yeah right, not here
It takes bucks to enter the race

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Let Sleeping Dogs Lie lyrics

The Truth Hurts album songs

released 1994 via
1. Make War (not Love)
2. Bad Blood
3. The Truth Hurts
4. Put The Lights Out
5. Denial
6. Let Sleeping Dogs Lie
7. One Man Army
8. Down In The Dumps
9. The Beast Is Back
10. Switchblade Knife
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check here the lyrics for Let Sleeping Dogs Lie, the 6th song of the 10 recorded for the album The Truth Hurts, with a total running time of , by Pro-Pain. It was released on via , and produced by .