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I was born and raised on the street
I grew up in a jungle of stone
I felt the madness of people
But I fought my way up alone

Cause I saw the new horizons
The future and the flame
I walked my own directions
For fortune and fame

Don't leave it behind
Go for it and maybe you'll find
Cause something is waiting for you
Just keep on believing
And make it through

Life is a rodeo
Somebody makes it
Somebody don't
And even though
You feel like loosing
Don't ever let it go

And sometimes when I came to a crossroad
Should I stick to the left or the right
When there was more than just one way to go
Then I chose to head for the light

I found myself on the outside
And I faced the chance to get in
Now I left the moments of twilight
Prepared to win


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Rodeo lyrics

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check here the lyrics for Rodeo, the 6th song of the 9 recorded for the album Future World, with a total running time of , by Pretty Maids. It was released on via , and produced by .