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You're always talking but the things you say have no meaning,
They carry no weight.
Take your time but don't waste mine.
Go sell your stories I'm not looking to buy.
We all have flaws but this is your downfall.
Talking a game you can't even back up and you're so hollow you have no clue.
There's repercussions and they're coming for you.
Confessions â€' I leave it up to you,
I know where I stand.
Oppressions â€' something I must choose to make you understand.
To make you understand I don't share your pains 'cause I don't preach about pointless things.
I only speak when I have something to say or I won't fake moves disgrace my name.
Self pride â€' I can't throw away,
I have too much love for family.
Self pride â€' I won't throw away,
Raised to be real from the first day.

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Confessions lyrics

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