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[Music:Rettke/Paeth/Bilski - Words: Rettke]

Pumped up with power, the black religion in their eyes
Strike any hour for this glory true lies
Their minds infected, the virus heating up their hate
They kill and die for this unfailing true faith

Only one request
To live and die for a lullaby
And when the hammer falls
A young child dies in his mother's arms

Makes no sense to me at all
Confessions of the faith for sale
Waiting for the ones to fall
Who is responsible?
The kings of war

Clean slated preacher, a tattooed smile upon his face
Prepared as teacher for the weary human race


Fakin' and dealin' with dirty old lies
They're livin' it up, there's no need to disguise
Dragging the enemy down to his knees
Give us the bravery, we're begging you please
The ten commandments are free for a deal
The future is over, it's breaking the seal
Come on, raise up your hands
And we're livin' it up to be free


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Black Religion lyrics

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