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Made the mistake of opening my mouth
Thought you'd understand but I guess
That thinking doesn't count act all
Concerned--well, sucks for me man
Can't wait to see where you will be
When it finally hits the fan
You tell me I shouldn't want to die
But can't give me one good reason
Oh give it up and get out of my way
Don't bother patronizing me just cause
You've got nothing to say I've taken
What you've told me-I was ready to
Apply 'liars can't be trusted' man, but
You're the one who lied
One time my spine controlled by your
Small mind so many reasons for what
You've justified (don't kill yourself)

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One Good Reason lyrics

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check here the lyrics for One Good Reason, the 14th song of the 16 recorded for the album Celldweller, with a total running time of , by Celldweller. It was released on via , and produced by .