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They manufactured their fate
Machines still echo in these stark landscapes
Hallucinations of grandeur led them to boast
The distracted culture let the industries clench at their throats
They were choking in their billowy haste
Rising stacks spewed out toxic waste
Lethal injections left a toxic trace
The drugged atmosphere was a heavy embrace
Corrosive gases thickened the atmosphere
They moved through the unknown with their backs toward the mirror

The past comes to life on the Earth sect
Second in line as the Venus Project
War was the priority for their future
It overrode the threat of the fast rising temperature point of no return as they blistered and peeled
It didn't matter though because their fate had been sealed
Trapped inside an envelope of nuclear overkill
They ensured all life to be born still
The earth was pressure cooked as the water fled
The land was filled with the dust from the dead
Small jobs for big egos who let greed corrupt their lives
They knew their future was coming, but illusions diverted their eyes

Global dissonance, a scalding air of silence
Geographic reverberations of apathetic violence

Reminders of their greatness stand grim and barren
Alone and useless over vast expanses
The entirety of their race was brainwashed by scare tactics
Unable to see any truth under a veil of distraction
Kill them before they kill you
The result of that mentality led to...

Lifeless scenes emerge between the clouds of acidic mist
Metalloid structures crowd this puke colored abyss
The past is the only thing living on the planet
A runaway greenhouse affect destroyed everything organic
The species left their impact with radioactive craters
The cities lie flat on this nuclear future
Phase ten complete on the Venus Project
Scorched rocks and molten lead will be the fate of man
Fear echoes strongly in this nuclear wasteland

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Venus Project lyrics

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