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Grab yourself a partner
Swing her 'round the town
Walk the dog and do-se-do
Before you tie her down

Anesthetize and fantasize
Watch those dreams come true
A riding crop, a lollipop
A tank of nitrous too

Because you're broken

Bang! Bang! Bootyier
Broken down and done.
Triple XXX and filthy sex
An overloaded gun

Discipline and bondage
Leather mask and nuns
A topless girl
A string of pearls
A wad of bubble cum

An angel's broken wing
Kept confidential
We keep inside our secret things

What's the price of pleasure?
What's the price of pain?
Rapture or deliverance
Beneath a golden rain

Swap and swing and sissy spank
The middle-class defined
Or those who swim the deep end...
Where sex and death combine

Because you're broken [repeated and faded out]

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Broken lyrics

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check here the lyrics for Broken, the 5th song of the 10 recorded for the album Animositisomina, with a total running time of , by Ministry. It was released on via , and produced by .