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[Music - Skolnick, Peterson]
[Lyrics - Souza, Peterson]

Hear the screams, screams of fright
Shrieks of terror through the night
Souls of old band to hold
The meeting for the haunting night

Headless ghosts fill the halls
Shadow plays of grief and pain
Phantom speaks his final note
Tenants of the castle slain
Black cats will appear
As the witching hour nears
Lost souls will all be told
For a haunting we will go

See their dreams come to life
Under pressure holding tight
Feel the cold grabbing hold
To feed you to the haunting night

Evil witch black as pitch
Starts a fire with a flinch
Burning fire rising higher
Making music like a choir

Stay away from the shining light
Can't seem to find the answer there
Bring back the terror in the night
That we all share tonight

[1st. Solo - Skolnick]
[2nd. Solo - Peterson]



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The Haunting lyrics

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check here the lyrics for The Haunting, the 9th song of the 11 recorded for the album First Strike Still Deadly, with a total running time of , by Testament. It was released on via , and produced by .