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All those pure springs
Those liquid rings
On the mountain side
Are dedicated to your light
Shake off from the fears
The heritage of tears
Drenched the soul of mine
With the sweetest wine
Days reveal nothing but you

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Synastry lyrics

Lyssa (rural Gods & Astonishing Punishments) album songs

1. Dark Red Sky
2. Swollen
3. Christles
4. Master Of My Dreams
5. The Perfect Li(f)e
6. The End Times
7. Synastry
8. One Of These Days
9. Victimized
10. So(u)l Invictus
11. Essence
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check here the lyrics for Synastry, the 7th song of the 11 recorded for the album Lyssa (rural Gods & Astonishing Punishments), with a total running time of , by Nightfall. It was released on via , and produced by .