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I want to touch you but I don't possess the power
It turns me inside out to feel the pain of your distress
You push the needle deeper in your arm for every hour
I know your life was so beautiful but now it's turned into a mess
I've tried to understand you but the thought seems so unreal
That a person would forsake herself and try to break herself with pain
Just like a child you're so innocent and you long so much to feel
But instead you push the needle deeper down your vein

Sad to see you sad to see your sorrow

You know I've see you in so many different ways
The reflections of your agony are scared upon your face
You warm the spoon just to numb yourself from much much better days
And you hope that someone else is there who might want to take your place
Everytime you scream I hear you thought you scream so silent
And you're longing for your babychild to be in a much better place
So addicted to your loneliness full of self destructive violence
You still try to love your child and see the smile upon it's face

Sad to see you sad to see your sorrow ....

Take away the pain and take away the sorrow
I cry in silence hoping you'll come through
Take away the pain and could be dead tomorrow
I wish that I could help you but there's nothing I can do
I feel as if I'm by your side even though you're far away from here
The poison mingles with your blood and slowly satisfies you
But what I wonder most of all is if you really want to disappear
You keep struggeling with emotions mixed inside you
Please don't disappear you know to many people love you
But you see you're still the only one that can ever dry your tears
So don't you rely on anyone below or up above you
You better grab your life and then get a grip before it disappears

Sad to see you sad to see your sorrow ....

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Sad To See Your Sorrow lyrics

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check here the lyrics for Sad To See Your Sorrow, the 9th song of the 10 recorded for the album Deaf Dumb Blind, with a total running time of , by Clawfinger. It was released on via , and produced by .