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Another lousy night
Out on the tiles again
You know what's gotta be turned around, babe
So take a hold of that wheel -
get on back, babe
You gotta fantasy
I've been yearmin' -
to put me down on my bended knees
Keep on turnin' -
I never ever knew
I never knew if I passed the test
Still got no place
Tired of the routine
I never ever get it right
I've been lookin' for some action
To divert my attention
Got no rhyme or a reason
Feel the sign, feel the time, the time of the season
Tonight I'm gonna make the grade
Out of the cold nothing can stop
Nothing gonna stop me now - no !
I know I need chain reactions
I know I need heavy action
I know I need chain reaction
All I'm lookin' for is the attractions -
yeah Another boning day
I couldn'tt take no more
Turnin' down the blue mood
As long as I'm runnin' with the back I know I'm free
Chain reaction - Life atraction
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Chain Reaction lyrics

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check here the lyrics for Chain Reaction, the 3th song of the 10 recorded for the album Eat The Heat, with a total running time of , by Accept. It was released on via , and produced by .