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They're coming 'round again
I've returned and they've been waiting.
Their aged offererings received and returned,
passed through wet eyes.
I tremble as I feel them rolling in for, my sins, the old ghosts know.
So chilling as I feel them mourn within my soul.
As the mourning grows.
Unfold before me.
Turn back the page again.
Twenty four hours spent wishing that the day was never ending.
Shadows of glory shading my heart again.
Recall the summer when I left my heart to cool beneath the shadows I'm coming 'round again.
I've returned and no one's waiting.
I strain my eyes to see but it's so hard to read the old tags on the fallen walls
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Weathered Tome lyrics

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check here the lyrics for Weathered Tome, the 10th song of the 13 recorded for the album Black Sails in the Sunset, with a total running time of , by AFI. It was released on via , and produced by .