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Welcome the whole new pain
and take comfort in what you've become.
I waved as I passed myself along the way.
I have arrived so unashamed but my reflection no longer seems the same.
It seems much dimmer now... it seems so dim.
Just stumble and fall into a world that's over crowded.
And you will find me.
Won't recognize me;
and I won't recognize myself.
I've arrived so unashamed,
but all my senses no longer seem the same.
I can sense everything.
My sight's so clear.
In an instant,, my life just slipped away,
I fought for life, the whole time you were holding me down.
You watched me dying.
Holding me down, you brought my rebirth
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Exsanguination lyrics

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check here the lyrics for Exsanguination, the 3th song of the 13 recorded for the album Black Sails in the Sunset, with a total running time of , by AFI. It was released on via , and produced by .