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I'm gonna tell you the truth, the truth about you
The truth about you, you never been true
You ain't nothin', you got nothin' to say
Shine a light on you, you fade away
Fade away
(repeat chorus x4)

I woke up, felt drunk, throwin' up, pissin' blood
Think death, broke in, burnt out, holed in

Feel numb, i can't see, cracked hands, can't breathe
Ripped up, ripped out, can't crawl, can't whine

Get slayed, blast off, can't plant that bomb
That seed, go on bleed, that blood in saline

Take the blood, fold the skin, crack the guts,
Never been seen
Love is so steep, in water, in the sea

Knowing god, culled him, sell your guts, sore skin
Throwin' up, pissin' blood, won't come, still drunk

No time, we're out of time, can't crawl, can't walk
Jet me, blast off, can't blame cock farms

Back seat, promise me, bad blood, dead dreams
Dead dreams, dead dreams

Psycho-parasitic, sub-mosquito, sin-libido, fucked-up
You're sick, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck...
Sick, sick, sick, sick...
Fuck, fuck, sick, fuck, fuck, sick...
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Pills lyrics

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check here the lyrics for Pills, the 5th song of the 12 recorded for the album XTRMNTR, with a total running time of , by Primal Scream. It was released on via , and produced by .