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So ya been kicked in the shin
took one on the chin
sometimes you lose before you win
just smile in the meanwhile
at the bottom of the pile
third down and a mile
buckle up and try again

Keep pushin?, keep pushin?
and never never stop

I feel that something?s gonna go down
don?t say I didn?t warn ya
looks like we?re headed for a showdown
gonna get it on yeah

Champions soon will be named
kings of the domain
all the pain and all the gain
worth more than fortune and fame now
my oh my the stakes are high
win or say goodbye
now it all comes to this game


Play that game like a neighborhood side street
anywhere you want it I don?t care where we meet
school yard, front yard, back yard, town park
I don?t think that you bite, all I hear is you bark
to the body one shot
wrecking ball can?t be stopped
in the lane, yeah we got this game
play through pain that?s why we came

When it?s all laid on the line
I can?t settle for less than
everything that should be mine
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Showdown lyrics

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