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Just ahead I see you winding up
And you're dressing this color on the edge of fire
Until these tightened strides
They march in time again
I don't know if I will cut through

I don't know if my heart will beat without you guiding it

Winding up
Leading me
Winding up to explode

It's the sound of your racing heart
That beats in time with every start
(the start of the year. the start of life. the start of war)
That reaches up and across the sky
That makes us want to try

I'm falling to peices
I can't let go
Tearing apart your lies
I want to live

It's the sound of your shotgun pulse
Beating over and over in your silent halls
It's a thought that keeps us alive
It makes us want to rise

A scream to guide me through my life
Winding up
Leading me
Winding up to what you can not unwind

This side of you and if it's taken away
You won't know what to do
You're stretching to meet expectations that you will never reach

And now it's far to late to ever leave this cold

I'm giving up
Marching in time with your drums
I'm letting go of everything i once loved
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Wind-up lyrics

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check here the lyrics for Wind-up, the 10th song of the 12 recorded for the album Full collapse, with a total running time of , by Thursday. It was released on via , and produced by .