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I curse the air you breathe
All men of the cloth
What was will never be
Your cause is lost

Faith put to death
Civil unrest
Gospel of pain
Burning the cross
The good book is tossed
Destroy thy name

Trinity bleed
Squandered in greed
God in his grave

Disposed humanity
Decrepit and defaced
Inferior and weak
The light you seek

Heaven deceased
Dead in belief
Disgraced and maimed

Church of disgust
Turn into rust
Converts refrain

Master of none
Religion done
Scripture erased

Thou begone
Left for dead
Thou begone
No moral compass left
Echoing - Undermined
God the son
Slave to a tragedy
Suffer in agony

Slave to thee
Under us
Thou begone
Efface of empty threats
God the son
Holy calamity
Death to hypocrisy
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Thou begone lyrics

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check here the lyrics for Thou begone, the 2th song of the 11 recorded for the album In the minds of evil, with a total running time of , by Deicide. It was released on via , and produced by .