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Father integrity, perverted secrecy
Molesting innocent children you're trusted with
What is vowed you cannot live, unbound by celibence
Indulge in sacrilege, to serve unto Satan

Manipulate through threats of god's hate
Abhorrently extorted
Molest the faith, confessional rape
Denial is aborted

Exploit the flesh of christian descent
Incesting consent
Alter your life from behind the light
Master Lord Satan decides

Father hypocrisy, exerting fantasy
Persuading innocent children to where you live
What is vowed does not exist, you are in debt to sin
Apologize and plead, begging god for mercy

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Confessional Rape lyrics

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check here the lyrics for Confessional Rape, the 9th song of the 9 recorded for the album Once Upon The Cross, with a total running time of , by Deicide. It was released on via , and produced by .