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What in the world do you wish to achieve
Why do you think you'll get something for free
Look in yourself, is it worth what you said
It may be you who comes turning up dead

Lives are worth nothing unless you have something to gain
Loath in assumption, you really should watch what you say
When you are wrong it is all just a part of a game
Creatures of habit, the bullshit is always the same

Eye for an eye, applaud when you die
Shit on your grave for the rest of my life
Faces of two will divide for control
You are the pawns in this world all alone

Creatures of habit, to cease to exist
Now that it's over you'll get what you give
Creatures of habit, I daydream you dead
Choking the life from you with my bare hands

What in the world is becoming of greed
Why do you wish to continue this dream
Look at myself, isn't worth what I'm dealt
This may be for you but I'm getting out

Unfair decision you try to impose out of spite
In their own interest they care and pretend to be nice
I will not have it and now that I've opened my eyes
Creatures of habit, I have no respect for your kind

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Creatures Of Habit lyrics

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