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Scrape it, grind it, peel it, hide it
The trend is over and gone forever
Shelf it, box it, save it, frame it
You won't need that anymore,
it's on sale at the fucking dollar store

Waste of time,
circus doll,
at the local mall
Exterminate, it's all fake!
Exterminate, it's all fake

Sandblast yourself
Sandblast yourself
It's getting old, old, old

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Sandblasted Skin lyrics

101 Proof - Official Live album songs

released 1998 via
1. New Level
2. Walk
3. Becoming
4. 5 Minutes Alone
5. Sandblasted Skin
6. Suicide Note Pt Ii
7. War Nerve
8. Strength Beyond Strength
9. Domination Hollow
10. This Love
11. I'm Broken
12. Cowboys From Hell
13. Cemetery Gates
14. Fucking Hostile
15. Where You Come From
16. I Can't Hide
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check here the lyrics for Sandblasted Skin, the 5th song of the 16 recorded for the album 101 Proof - Official Live, with a total running time of , by Pantera. It was released on via , and produced by .