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After The Burial lyrics
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There is no chance of breathing inside this vessel
Blue lipped and anemic
We are constantly questioning our safety

So much pressure. We struggle
I just want to give in
Please help me
To keep the waters from crashing over me
This ship is sinking. My heart is palpitating
Your God won't save you

We bend and twist. From distant ends
Waves crash together blind without warning
A great deluge. Envelop everything
And all that's lost was taken

Oh, I cannot believe this is happening
Please just give me one more chance

Pressed within your trembling hopeful hands
Intangible. You're wasting time
Steel rivets snap and moan
Your God won't save you

Now. The welds are breaking down
My hands are shaking now. The welds are breaking
Oh, what a shame...

You can't hide
Crush the mast- envelop all
Your palms together won't keep us from sinking
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Of fearfull men lyrics

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check here the lyrics for Of fearfull men, the 2th song of the 9 recorded for the album Wolves within, with a total running time of , by After The Burial. It was released on via , and produced by .