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Black shadow hangin' over your shoulder
Black mark up against your name
Your green eyes couldn't get any colder
There's bad poison runnin' through your veins

Evil walks behind you
Evil sleeps beside you
Evil talks arouse you
Evil walks behind you

Black widow weavin' evil notions
Dark secrets bein' spun in your web
Good men goin' down in your ocean
They can't swim 'cause they're tied to your bed


You just cry wolf
I sometimes wonder where you park your broom
Oh black widow

C'mon weave your web
Down in your ocean
You got 'em tied to your bed
With your dark, dark secrets
And your green, green eyes
You black widow


Evil walks so bad
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Evil Walks lyrics

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check here the lyrics for Evil Walks, the 6th song of the 10 recorded for the album For Those About To Rock, with a total running time of , by AC/DC. It was released on via , and produced by .