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It?s been so many years since the first time I died.
The vultures have been gone for so long
The past starts again
But now it?s all been covered in ash
Dust yourself off and shine your bones cause
We?ve got a long way to go
I am the king of love to hate
You said we?d be together forever
I hope my candor doesn?t piss you off
But I wasn?t joking
Forever?s the last word I want to hear come out of your mouth
You are unchanged, why?
And no matter how it looks
I?m just now realizing they look better awake
Then they ever did asleep
The pieces are bursting together
I?ve been trying for so long to place them
Circles inside squares sparing and spoiling?
And now finally I?ve left
Burning and gasping for life
You?re drowning, but you?re not, you won?t
You are unchanged, why? Unchanged. How?
This is the only way. Spit out the candles that keep me away from you.
This is not an invitation. This is my plea.
I want to lay down in the trap you set for me
And wait in peace for you
I?m bleeding from the inside but nothing can protect myself from you
I want to lay down next to you and forget the world
The only people that exist are you and I.
I want to look you in the eyes and count my blessings
You are so much more than just my other half
I?m telling you right now, I?d sell my soul for you.
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Funeral singer lyrics

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check here the lyrics for Funeral singer, the 10th song of the 11 recorded for the album Wrongdoers, with a total running time of , by Norma Jean. It was released on via , and produced by .