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There was this kid in our neighborhood
His Pop had named him Renegade
He lived up to his name
With all the trouble that he made

One day ol' Renegade
Snuck into the Park Theater downtown
For a laugh he set fire to the screen
Burnt the whole damn place to the ground

He thought that no one would mind
He did that sort of thing all the time
But his Pop was waitin' for him

At age fifteen Renegade
Stole a tow truck from Arnie's Shell
Drove it through the front of a hardware store
Spent the night in a county jail

He didn't seem to mind a bit
He liked the attention he would get
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The Chastising Of Renegade lyrics

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check here the lyrics for The Chastising Of Renegade, the 14th song of the 15 recorded for the album Brown Album, with a total running time of , by Primus. It was released on via , and produced by .