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Hello Mr. Krinkle
How are you today?
Seems the rumors are about your team might move away
Now, me I'm sentimental
But I'm not one to cry

Say there Mr. Krinkle let's cruise the Bastard boat
Damn then sonsabitches with their gill-nets set afloat
I flip on my tele and I watch the waters die
C'mon Mr. Krinkle tell me why

Hey ho Mr. Krinkle have you heard the brand new sound
It's a cross between Jimi Hendrix
Bocephus, Cher and James Brown
It's called Heavy Hometown
New Wave, cold-filtered, low-calorie dry
C'mon Mr. Krinkle tell me why
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Mr. Krinkle lyrics

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check here the lyrics for Mr. Krinkle, the 11th song of the 14 recorded for the album Pork Soda, with a total running time of , by Primus. It was released on via , and produced by .