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Take my hand and lead the way
Out of the darkness and into the light of the day
And take me somewhere I'll be safe
Carry my lifeless body away from the pain

'Cause I know what I've been missing
And I know that I should try
But there's hope in this admission
And there's freedom in your eyes

And we cry away

I'm sick and tired of being afraid
If I cry anymore then my tears will wash me away
But when I hear you call my name
I whisper the word that I never thought I'd ever say

And I hope to God you'll listen
And you'll keep me safe from harm
'Cause I found what I was missing
When I fell into your arms

And we cry away

I can feel the darkness coming
And I'm afraid of myself
Call my name and I'll come running
'Cause I just need some help
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Help lyrics

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check here the lyrics for Help, the 12th song of the 14 recorded for the album Exile, with a total running time of , by Hurts. It was released on March 8, 2013 via Major Label, and produced by Dan Grech, Marguerat, Hurts, Jonas Quant.