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Hi my little naked man
I saw you there looking sad
Face so lost, petrified
Timid twitch in your wide eyes

My oh my such strange supplies
Many spoons all in a pile
Did you bend ?em with your mind?
Precious precious right right right

Honey honey, don?t you cry
It?s a ruse
All these creatures are a lie
Funny bunny, it?s alright
I clap my hands
And they?re gone into the night

Wiggle toes on wicker braids
Hanging with their nails so frayed
Mini fruits all bone dry
And a cape, black tie-dyed

I bet I can make you smile
In the pools of moonlight
Watch this little trick of mine
Say with me this tiny rhyme


Take my hand
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Walla walla lyrics

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check here the lyrics for Walla walla, the 5th song of the 10 recorded for the album Zaba, with a total running time of , by Glass Animals. It was released on June 9, 2014 via Caroline International / Harvest Records / Wolf Tone, and produced by Dave Bayley, Paul Epworth.