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When it all ended
There was no where to turn
I hid inside myself hoping someone would find me
That day never came
As the years passed the pain lessened
I thought your voice would silence forever
I was wrong

This time there's no turning back
Emerge from a doorway at the end of a war inside my soul
There's no picking up where we left off
And there will not be a future
I've died so many times inside
I've accepted this pain
And I won't look back now
I never will

You don't know
You don't care
You never have and you never will
[repeat: Chorus]

You made me realize
Everything I've ever known of love was pain
And the person you once were
Has died and rotted away
I've lived with this knife in my heart
As a reminder of what I can't be
I know all I do is hate you
There is nothing you can say or do

You were never part of my life
And you never will be


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Unloved lyrics

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check here the lyrics for Unloved, the 8th song of the 16 recorded for the album Perseverance, with a total running time of , by Hatebreed. It was released on via , and produced by .