Golden album lyrics

 released April 6, 2018
 via Darenote, BMG
Kylie Minogue Golden lyrics
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1. Dancing song lyrics
2. Stop me from falling song lyrics
3. Golden song lyrics
4. A lifetime to repair song lyrics
5. Sincerely yours song lyrics
6. One last kiss song lyrics
7. Live a little song lyrics
8. Shelby '68 song lyrics
9. Radio on song lyrics
10. Love song lyrics
11. Raining glitter song lyrics
12. Music's too sad without you song lyrics
13. Lost without you song lyrics
14. Every little part of me song lyrics
15. Rollin' song lyrics
16. Low blow song lyrics
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Golden lyrics

check here the lyrics for Golden album, produced by and recorded by Kylie Minogue. The album was released on April 6, 2018 via Darenote, BMG and has songs with a total running time of .
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