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Engulfed and entangled
Consumed by this evil embrace
Controlled by the powers of darkness
Embodiment of the cold and the grey
Nothing if but not of evil
In league with the demons of hell
For I am the killer of angels
As blasphemy I forever dwell

Stare upon death in these eyes
Wretched, furthest from the light
Moving with poisonous steps
My demon shall harvest your flesh

Born of the fire
Bringer of foul plague and disease

I am the venomous beast
Demon walking with earthly feet
Serpent stronger than your faith
From flesh you now fall into shade
Seeking to devour
Agent of death and destruction
There is no light without darkness
No joy without pain
No good without evil
No righteousness without the insane
No peace without torment
No life without death
There is no God without Satan
There is no Heaven without Hell
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This evil embrace lyrics

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