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Eths music lyrics

Eths lyrics
Eths is a alternative metal band from Marseille, France. The group is composed of Candice (vocals), Staif (guitar/vocals), Greg (guitar). In 2007, Shob (bass) and ex-My Ruin drummer Matt joined the band. All the lyrics are in ‘français’. The band is often on tour around France, Sweden, Belgium and Germany, but they also have time to make several maxi CDs, the most famous of which is called Samantha. The band also cut its first full-length album, Sôma, in 2003. Eths’ music features heavy, hard guitars and drums. Candice’s voice is wonderful in the soft parts of songs, but particularly striking and fascinating in the hard parts. Eths tours and distributes albums under the Coriace label. They are becomi...
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Eths albums and songs lyrics

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Eths - Ankaa lyrics
Ankaa lyrics 
Ankaa at Ankaa at wikipedia Ankaa at spotify
Ankaa lyrics
1. Nefas  
2. Nihil sine causa  
3. Amaterasu  
4. Seditio  
5. Nixi dii  
6. Vae victis  
7. HAR1  
8. Sekhet aaru  
9. Kumari kandam  
10. Alnitak  
11. Alnilam  
12. Mintaka  
Eths - III lyrics
III lyrics 
III at wikipedia III at spotify
III lyrics
1. Voragine  
2. Harmaguedon  
3. Adonai  
4. Gravis venter  
5. Inanis venter  
6. Sidus  
7. Proserpina  
8. Hercolubus  
9. Praedator  
10. Anatemnein  
11. Music  
12. 7  
13. Cerebellum  
Eths - Teratologie lyrics
Teratologie lyrics 
Teratologie lyrics
Eths - Soma lyrics
Soma lyrics 
Soma lyrics
Eths - Samantha lyrics
Samantha lyrics 
Samantha lyrics
1. Intro  
2. Samantha  
3. Des Cendres  
4. Encore  
5. Volee  
6. Le Projet Humain  
7. Animadversion  
Eths - Autopsie lyrics
Autopsie lyrics 
Autopsie lyrics
check here most of album and songs lyrics to Eths music. Our databases have 6 albums and a total of 66 songs of Eths lyrics. Feel free to contact us if you find something missing or wrong.

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