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Kings Of Leon music lyrics

Kings Of Leon lyrics
Kings of Leon is an American rock band that formed in Nashville, Tennessee, United States in 1999, consisting of brothers Anthony “Caleb” Followill (lead vocals, rhythm guitar), Ivan “Nathan” Followill (drums, percussion, backing vocals) and Michael “Jared” Followill (bass guitar, backing vocals), with their cousin Cameron “Matthew” Followill (lead guitar, backing vocals). Each member of the family group is known by his middle name (second given name) as opposed to their first given name. The band’s early music was an upbeat blend of southern rock and blues influences but the band has gradually expanded their sound to include a variety of genres, including alternative rock. Kings ...
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Kings Of Leon albums and songs lyrics

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Kings Of Leon - When you see yourself lyrics When you see yourself lyrics
Kings Of Leon - Walls lyrics
Walls lyrics 
Walls at Walls at wikipedia Walls at spotify
Walls lyrics
1. Waste a moment  
2. Reverend  
3. Around the world  
4. Find me  
5. Over  
6. Muchacho  
7. Conversation piece  
8. Eyes on you  
9. Wild  
10. Walls  
Kings Of Leon - Mechanical bull lyrics
Mechanical bull lyrics 
Mechanical bull at Mechanical bull at wikipedia Mechanical bull at spotify
Mechanical bull lyrics
Kings Of Leon - Come around sundown lyrics Come around sundown lyrics
1. The end  
2. Radioactive  Radioactive Youtube video included
3. Pyro  
4. Mary  
5. The face  
6. The immortals  
7. Back down south  
8. Beach side  
9. No money  
10. Pony up  
11. Birthday  
12. Mi amigo  
13. Pickup track  
Kings Of Leon - Only by the night lyrics Only by the night lyrics
1. Closer  
2. Crawl  Crawl Youtube video included
3. Sex on fire  Sex on fire Youtube video included
4. Use somebody  Use somebody Youtube video included
5. Manhattan  
6. Revelry  
7. 17  
8. Notion  Notion Youtube video included
9. I want you  
10. Be somebody  
11. Cold desert  
Kings Of Leon - Because Of The Times lyrics Because Of The Times lyrics
1. Knocked Up  Knocked Up Youtube video included
2. Charmer  Charmer Youtube video included
3. On Call  On Call Youtube video included
4. McFearless  McFearless Youtube video included
5. Black Thumbnail  Black Thumbnail Youtube video included
6. My Party  My Party Youtube video included
7. True Love Way  True Love Way Youtube video included
8. Ragoo  Ragoo Youtube video included
9. Fans  Fans Youtube video included
10. The Runner  
11. Trunk  Trunk Youtube video included
12. Camaro  Camaro Youtube video included
13. Arizona  Arizona Youtube video included
Kings Of Leon - Aha Shake Heartbreak lyrics Aha Shake Heartbreak lyrics
Kings Of Leon - Holy Roller Novocaine (ep) lyrics Holy Roller Novocaine (ep) lyrics
Kings Of Leon - Youth and Young Manhood lyrics Youth and Young Manhood lyrics
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