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Lady B. Goode lyrics by Chuck Berry

Chuck Berry Lady B. Goode lyrics
  • track 6 of 10, total running time 34:51
  • album Chuck
  • released in June 16, 2017
  • produced by Chuck Berry
  • record label Dualtone
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Chuck tracklist

released 2017 via Dualtone

1. Wonderful woman
2. Big boys
3. You go to my head
4. 3/4 time (enchiladas)
5. Darlin'
6. Lady B. Goode lyrics
7. She still loves you
8. Jamaica moon
9. Dutchman
10. Eyes of man

Lady B. Goode song lyrics

It was down in Louisiana right down New Orleans
Back down in the '60s with the little teen queen
Fell down a lassie, in love with a lad
Tell her come to vindicate take the feelings she had
She beated as she promised every brass she could
To everybody who's been listening to her, Lady B. Goode

She followed him around where he'll raise his guitar
Till he got so popular that made him a star
Then she could only see him on a TV screen
And hoped someday that he come back to New Orleans
Everybody liked her and was knocking on wood
But soon there came a baby from Lady B. Goode

She wanted him to rest and come back someday
The Friday lights in Cleveland just keep him away
But then he wrote and told her "Do not miss me
We'll have you look whenever he'll be betrayed
There won't be do a movie about my livelihood
And I want you to play the part of Lady B. Goode"

She went to see the movie when it hit the screen
Babysitting Johnnie Jr. down in New Orleans
So is dead and sick as he heard hime in school
The one his mother told him about the golden rule
Tears shed her eyes when they misunderstood
When everybody knew that she was Lady B. Goode

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check here the lyrics for Lady B. Goode, the 6th song of the 10 recorded for the album Chuck, with a total running time of 34:51, by Chuck Berry. It was released on June 16, 2017 via Dualtone, and produced by Chuck Berry.
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